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Choosing The Right Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Partner For You

Did you know that many – and perhaps even most – commercial kitchens pose a dangerous fire risk? If your kitchen exhaust system is not cleaned appropriately or frequently enough, grease and residue continue to buildup. When the buildup is significant, a potentially dangerous fire hazard continues to escalate in urgency until the system is properly cleaned. Just as worrisome, a neglected system quickly becomes hazardous and then the commercial kitchen cannot pass the required health and fire safety inspections. A kitchen in this situation is often forced to close.

Review our checklist and the National Fire Protection Association Guide below to be sure that the cleaning partner you select is reputable and the very best choice for your unique situation.

Ask Each Service Provider These Questions to Determine the BEST Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Partner for You:

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(5) Questions to Ask Each Service Provider to Determine the BEST Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Partner for You:

Before we hire you, do you visit my site to conduct a free Exhaust System Inspection and Cleaning Cost Estimate?


If so, do your job cost estimates include substantiating evidence such as videos or photos of my system to illustrate the extent of damage claimed?


Do you recommend the precise cleaning schedule needed to keep my kitchen safe all year round?


If so, does the cleaning schedule reflect the one recommended for your type of kitchen by the National Fire Protection Association, Code 96?


Do you guarantee that you will NOT hang “inaccessible tags” on portions of my duct work that you do not clean? In other words, when your cleaning is complete do you guarantee that my entire exhaust system, from stove to rooftop, will be BARE METAL STANDARD clean?

National Fire Protection Association Code 96 Table 11.4- Schedule of Inspection for Grease Buildup

Type or Volume of CookingInspection Frequency
Systems serving solid fuel cooking operationsMonthly
Systems serving high-value cooking operations,such as 24-hours cooking,charbrolling or wok cookingQuarterly
Systems serving moderate-volume cooking operationsSemi-Annually
Systems serving low-volume cooking operations,such as churches,day camps,seasonal businessesAnnually
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